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DeSpray Environmental at the IFAT exhibition in München

Category : Green Living

DeSpray will be attending the IFAT exhibition in Müchen on 14-18 May 2018!

On this exhibition DeSpray will show her newest aerosol recycling machine!
This is worlds most compact and efficient recycling machine.
The system operates in a 100% closed loop. So no air pollution anymore.
On the show you will be able to walk around and through the machine by means of AR (Augmented Reality App) as if you where on site recycling real aerosol cans yourself! All features are there and all gas, liquid and metal streams can be followed!!

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Wanna do FOAM Recycling Equipment? Yes we can.

Category : Green Living

DeSpray will be coming up with a new design aerosol recycling system suitable for FOAM Recycling!

Foam Recycling Equipment made available by DeSpray Environmental, a company.

Want to hear more about it, or want to be informed on the progress?

Watch our news page now and then to keep uptodate,

Send us an e-mail with your contact details.

Best regards,

The Environmental Team

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Exciting news: Mobile Aerosol Recycling Equipment coming up very soon!

Category : Green Living

The DeSpray Environmental Team is working on again a very exciting and interesting project.
Soon the brand new and mind-blowing Mobile Aerosol Recycling Equipment will concur the world!

A fully containerized system or equipment and ready to wheel to the next recycling stop.

Imagine how many fuel you’ll be saving by not traveling around with all this air and volume!

Look at for more information.

DeSpray Environmental is a company.

Equipment is built is The Netherlands.

Here is a sneak preview:


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Puncturing and emptying Aerosol cans

Category : Green Living

Puncturing and emptying Aerosol cans
Puncturing and draining Aerosol cans to atmosphere is not the answer. We at Despray environmental have been designing and manufacturing aerosol recycling systems for 20 years. These are not the typical crushing, puncturing or shredding solutions. Those technologies are readily available, but are unsafe and certainly not good for the environment if they don’t capture the products for complete reuse or waste to energy solutions.

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