At Despray, Safety is our number one priority!

  1. Every Despray unit has a fully monitored Internal Oxygen monitoring system installed in the process chamber. This is controlled by closed loop electronics via the Despray program and HMI systems ensure a no oxygen-processing atmosphere. No cans can be processed in an explosive atmosphere.
  2. Our Custom designed Despray program ensures that no outside influence can change the operating parameters without Proper access codes or Service mode codes.
  3. Mechanical Safety gas “over – pressure” relief valves are installed in all gas lines and components.
  4. Internal and External Oxygen & Nitrogen monitoring systems ensure safe operator working atmosphere in machine vicinity.
  5. Proper safety gates and rails in all critical areas.
  6. Safety interlocks are on all doors and access points.
  7. All components are specified to operate in Zone 2 and are Atex compliant
  8. As a very worse case scenario, we have designed a last chanceover pressure blow out disc into our system. It is installed in case of extreme situations or Isothermic reactions, which could possibly occur due to accidental chemical mixtures. Despray has this covered.
  9. Training. No installation is complete until all health and safety parameters are met and Despray engineers have satisfactorily trained customer staff and management on all aspects of the Despray sytem.